Ultimate Garage

The ultimate garage is a petrol heads dream and must feature on any self-made millionaire’s ‘to-do’ list. Having read a number of forums and watched several TV shows on this subject, it seems the Ultimate Garage is more of a showroom. From Jay Leno’s garage to Nick Mason’s collection, they are all extremely impressive and I am very envious, but, where is the car lift and the tool boxes?


If we are looking for the ultimate showroom, how about a museum such as Auto Technik. This is insured for approximately 100 million euros, however one of the Ferrari’s is worth 10 million alone; a 246 GT Dino. Auto Technik houses a Concorde, land speed record cars, F1 cars, Touring cars, war vehicles and even steam trains. It’s Beaulieu on steroids.


How about the Mercedes, Porsche, Audi or Auto Technik museums

Porsche Museum

An ultimate garage should really be, a garage. By this, I mean that there should be tool boxes, work benches, 4 post lifts and so on. No reason not to have a car turn table and a few arcades thrown in however.

Ultimate Garage

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