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Audi S8 D2 Daily Driver

“Larry, Can you tell Vincent what it is you need”? Larry: “Something very fast. Audi S8. Something that can shove a little bit. I’m also gonna need a nitrous system.”

The psychology of buying cars is changing with more and more of us opting for the attractive leasing deals. I too have given this a try with a 2016 Mercedes C250d. However, calculate a deposit of near £3k + just under £300 a month for 2 years and you have spent almost £10k on a car, which you are just going to hand back with nothing to show for it. Continue reading Audi S8 D2 Daily Driver

Audi S5 V8 Daily Driver

Looking for something a bit more exciting than my previous daily, the MK5 GTI, my criteria included the following:

– 0-60 in around 5 seconds
– sub £15k
– comfortable for 3 people including a decent boot
– manual gearbox
– V8 – never had one!
– nice to have – 4wd, Bose (or similar), heated seats, modern interior including navigation

With the above filtered on in the likes of Pistonheads, Autotrader and ebay, it was really just the Audi S5 that met my criteria. Continue reading Audi S5 V8 Daily Driver

Hartge Z3 Coupe 5.0l

Hartge Z3 Coupe 5.0l V8


Engine: 5.0L (4930cc), V8, 420hp and 520nm

Performance: 0-62 in 4.5 and 190 mph

Time owned: 02/2007 – Current

Valuation: £50,000 in 2010

Mileage: 65,879

Parts/Servicing costs: BMW rates

Insurance: Approx £800 fully comp for a 30 year old with 5 years no claims

History: New price when Hartge sold it in 2001 was 120.000 euros in Germany and 160.000 euros in the Netherlands (incl. BPM). I’m the third owner, Herbert Hartge was the first, I have also the German road papers and TUV and of course Dutch road registration, still the only real Hartge as a brand ever registered in NL.

Hartge Z3 Coupe 5.0l V8 Full Review