Volkswagen Golf GTI MK5 – 1 year on

So, here we are, 10k miles on in my new daily driver and I have the following to report:

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK5 review on recent purchase

1 x break down requiring RAC recovery. The engine would start but then cut out a few seconds after with some spluttering/hesitation on acceleration before the revs dropped. This turned out to be a fuel filter and pcv (pressure check valve). All fairly straight forward once plugged into the diagnostics.

I’ve never owned a car that drinks so much oil; Volkswagen quote 1000km per 1 litre of oil. I don’t buy 1 litre top up’s anymore but instead opt for a 5 litre Quantum long life oil from VW themselves. The car is averaging 2000 miles per 1 litre of oil, which seems in line with others noted on Pistonheads and similar forums.

Fuel consumption seems pretty good averaging 36-40 mpg on a run, this can be closer to 30 with stop start/urban driving. Always use the good stuff such as V Power or BP Ultimate.

An area to investigate on my next service is why I have a cloud of smoke behind me when I accelerate hard from 4000 rpm upwards. Again, a Google search seems to show this is normal.

Costs incurred over 10k miles/1 year include the cambelt change (£450), 4 x Dunlop Sports including fitting and 4 wheel alignment (£500), insurance (£250), MOT (£50), servicing (£400). Depreciation I believe it to be 0 based on the current prices for 2007 cars on Pistonheads and Autotrader being more than I spent on mine. I don’t expect the tyres or cambelt costs for some time, however disks, pads and wheel refurbishment are on the cards for next year. A budget of £1k per year excluding fuel and minimal depreciation makes this a recommended daily from me.

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