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Porsche Panamera Over Time

Having experienced driving 3 x Panamera’s over the past couple of years; I thought it time to reflect on my initial thoughts about this car on UK roads.

The Panamera is 100% too big for the UK on country roads, villages and town centers. The only time I have found the Panamera experience enjoyable is driving long distances on motorways, here is the Panamera’s habitat.

Porsche – you need to do a ‘Macan’ on the Panamera – that would be near the top of my list. Continue reading Porsche Panamera Over Time

Porsche Panamera

My poorly 911 Carrera S has gone for some major work including a new gearbox and front suspension. However I have a very fancy courtesy car, the Porsche Panamera. Initially I was disappointed to find out it was going to be a diesel but 2 days in, there is no tractor noise on startup even in 2 degrees C. The rev range is as short as you’d expect but with an 8 speed gearbox there is adequate acceleration for such a big car.

Not entirely sold on the Cayenne or Panamera when you think of what Porsche should be i.e. performance sports car manufacturer, but, I do see the point. The Panamera is loaded with tech – 8 speed gear box, Mercedes style electric raising and lowering boot, touch screen navigation, Bose and Bluetooth. Auto lights, wipers, rear view mirror and AC. As you can see from the centre console there is no shortage of buttons and the interior is very luxurious with leather everywhere.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

The Panamera is no 911 and is completely different to what I expected, which was a stretched 911 in looks and feel, this is more like a big Mercedes. If I was thinking of a 4 door the 5/7 series, E/S class, Rapide, Quattroporte and Range Rover would be near the top of my list, however a few days with the Panamera and I see the point. This is as luxurious as a Mercedes with the handling of a BMW, a lovely place to be but maybe not to look at.

Engine: 3.0L V6, 250bhp and 550nm
Performance: 0-60 in 6.8 and 150 mph