Porsche Panamera Over Time

Having experienced driving 3 x Panamera’s over the past couple of years; I thought it time to reflect on my initial thoughts about this car on UK roads.

The Panamera is 100% too big for the UK on country roads, villages and town centers. The only time I have found the Panamera experience enjoyable is driving long distances on motorways, here is the Panamera’s habitat.

Porsche – you need to do a ‘Macan’ on the Panamera – that would be near the top of my list.

It’s interesting how much the colour and wheel options effect the overall look and how this influences other road users behaviour. I found that piloting a white Porsche that is 5 metres long and almost 2 metres wide, makes other motorists extremely angry. Friendly looking fellows in Morris Minors will ensure that they are <1cm behind the car in front as so not to let you out of junctions or change lanes. Perhaps they thought I was John Terry. As you can see from the pictures; white is not the colour you should chose for this car, ever. Dark colours with the Turbo or GTS style wheels specified and this should be the perfect long distance, cross country vehicle without upsetting the old dears in their wooden cars. Porsche Panamera

panamera_brownLiking the brown

The interior is still incredible and extremely hard wearing. Porsche clearly thought it was good enough to keep the style of the center console in the latest 991 shape 911, Boxster, Cayman and Macan. It’s also a good place to hide if you did spec a white one…

The air suspension option should definitely be selected. This was present in the pre-facelift car shown in black and was far superior to the facelift model shown in white on standard suspension. Even if it is just to push the double sport button, lower the car and raise the spoiler.


Under ‘combined’ use, the mpg should be well into the 40’s, however, it is possible to drop it a fair bit lower – I saw 31 with sport mode on.

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