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German Grand Prix Road Trip

With a team of 14 we left London in an 11 plate Mercedes E250 Estate on 19’s and air ride (very comfortable for 4 x 6ft+ 14st+ portly squires), 03 Audi A4 3.0 Covertible (not so comfy for 4), MK1 TT 225 (very comfy for 2), big Citroen (carrying 2) and a very masculine looking Mini Cooper S (also carrying 2).


On Route


Driving in convoy and catching a 16:20 train to Calais on Friday 22nd July, via the Channel Tunnel, we stopped off in the Novotel Centrum in Bruges, Saturday in Koblenz (Hotel Haus Morjan on the river) and over to Nurburg Sunday am for the F1.


Even after the overhaul of Silverstone, a few of the guys commented on how organised everything was including nearly no traffic into or out of Nurburg. Map at the top outlines the Nurburgring and park zone B area 5 and 5a were excellent and free.

The days time was spent between the Info Centre, (where you have to buy cards to put money on before you can purchase food/drink – a bit annoying), gawping at the Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW M Power, Ferrari etc stands and then sitting in Tier 6 and later sneaking into 4.

Hamilton Wins German F1

German F1 Nurburgring

Can’t believe how close you can sit to the track and everyone needed ear plugs. Awesome race to be at and so much suspence with Hamilton storming into the lead in the first corner (why can’t Webber ever start well?), constant battle for 1st place with Hamilton re-overtaking Webber after he broke too late. Webber and Alonso pushed Hamilton back into 3rd and with some good strategy and tyre choices by Mclaren, Hamilton took the chequered flag with only a few laps to go, incredible! Not so much luck for Button with hydraulic issues and Vettel was off the pace. This is a fantastic venue for the F1 and we did see a ‘Save the Nurburgring Brigade’, so hope it’s not the last. Ears are still bleeding but left the F1 at 17:00 and made a 21:20 train – took 7 hours from Silverstone to Guildford I hear.

F1 2010

The team that I suspect will receive the most press world wide leading up to the first race is Mercedes GP – http://www.mercedes-gp.com

Not only do they have Ross Brawn, they also have Michael Schumacher, albeit now 41, he is reported to be in better shape than ever for this year. He is not back just to have a seat again, Schumacher’s only concern will be the world championship! Partnered with Nico Rosberg, it is officially England vs Germany according to the papers. Have they forgotten Ferrari still exist?

Mercedes GP F1 Car

End of Season Grand Prix Event

Powered by Mercedes-Benz Live, the Brooklands brand experience center will be hosting the End of Season Grand Prix Event on Sunday 8th November. Four tickets have been past to FastGerman.com – a big thank you from us!

Pictures will be uploaded after the weekend and can be viewed from the homepage.

Mercedes-Benz World F1 Event

Special appearances from Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen and the Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes Grand Prix car

Driving action from the Brawn GP team

Special appearances from David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen

DTM driving action from the Mercedes-Benz Team

Live action from the Formula 3 Euro Series

Live interviews with the Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes Grand Prix and Brawn GP Teams

Autograph sessions

Live outdoor action on the tracks

Fun driving activities for all the family including AMG hot laps, kids driving, off-roading and blindfold tests

Videos of the day

End of Season Grand Prix Event 2009

Powered by Mercedes-Benz Live, the Brooklands brand experience center hosted the End of Season Grand Prix Event on Sunday 8th November 2009. Highlights included brushing shoulders with Lewis Hamilton, David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, Heikki Kovalainen and Ross Brawn plus some familiar faces on the presenter front. For those who haven’t heard an F1 car before and even those that have, the sound was phenomenal being just feet away from the track. F1 cars included Mclaren Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen show boating with donuts, burn outs, drifting on the wet circle by Lewis and general crowd pleasing. The Brawn F1 cars made an appearance on the track but no Button present, however Hamilton did note he wouldn’t mind having him as a team mate at Mclaren next year. The Mercedes DTM car weighing in at just over a ton with 500 bhp was a fire spitting monster! The sound made the F1 pace car seem like an SL350 in comparison. A fantastic day out and all free to the public if they made their registrations on the Mercedes-Benz World website within four days of the event being announced.

Mercedes-Benz Touring Car

F1 Pace Car



Silver Arrows

Ross Brawn Gullwing

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Collection

Mclaren F1 Brooklands

David Coulthard

Mika Hakkinen

McLaren F1 Brooklands

Lewis Hamilton Interview

Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series

Mercedes-Benz SL65 SLR Stirling Moss

Heikki Kovalainen Interview

Mercedes-Benz SLR 722

Mercedes Gullwing

Brabus Bullit

Brawn F1

Silverstone Grand Prix Ball 2003

The Silverstone Grand Prix Ball is a must to attend, even for a non-motoring enthusiast. Based at the stunning Stow Public School (Stow corner), attended by the A list Celebrities it really is a proper British knees up. Tickets are in the region of £600 and include cabaret entertainment, several glasses of Champagne (if your lucky) dinner, dance and fireworks in the evening. This all happens on the Friday prior to the Grand Prix qualifying on Saturday and the actual race on Sunday. The F1 cars will be on display, most likely rolling shells only but who’s complaining, it will probably be the only time of the weekend you can really see what the cars look like instead of traveling at over 200mph in front of the spectators. The F1 drivers do emerge for the early hours of the evening to sign autographs and have their pictures taken but are then promptly whisked away to prepare for the weekends race.

Silverstone Grand Prix Ball

Ralph Firman

Bruce Grobbelaar

Harley Davidson

Grand Prix Ball


Silverstone Grand Prix Ball Cowgirls

River Dance