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Porsche 911T

During my tour of Southern Germany and attending 125 Years of The Car I was fortunate enough to pilot a Porsche 911 old timer (the German term for classic cars).

Porsche 911T

Porsche 911T

This was one of my favourite parts of the week and very unexpected. The cars in the rally included a Mercedes 280 SL, Alfa Romeo GT Junior, Porsche 911’s and 914. I opted for the 2.0L flat 6, 1968 110 bhp, Porsche 911 in a vintage shade of orange. This featured a dog leg gear box (1st is where you’d expect 2nd) non-assisted brakes and the longest 1st gear I’ve ever used – 50 km/h was about 3000 rpm and made hill starts quite exciting. The model I drove showed 900 km on the clock and was insured for 58k euros so I didn’t want to scratch it. The old timers and their drivers headed on a country road convoy to a very fancy restaurant in the hills. Once arrived, we shared stories of other motorists stopping midway around roundabouts to let us go and countless admirers and waves on the way. These cars might not be fast, luxurious or easy on the driver but they are fabulous never the less. Driving back I knew that you needed 4000 rpm to setoff from a standstill and that you needed to break with the gears and all your force on the pedal. The 911 includes no stereo because Mr Porsche would like you to listen to the engine note but the conversation was good with Germanys finest tour guides.

Porsche 911T

Porsche 914

Porsche 911T, Porsche 914, Mercedes 280SL, Alfa GT Junior

Engine: 2.0 6 cylinder, 110bhp
Performance: 0-60 in 8.3 and 124 mph
Value: 58k Euros insurance value

Porsche best moments

The latest news I read from Porsche is all to do with their hopes of buying Volkswagen, then getting into too much debt, being refused a loan by the Government and then selling back up to Volkswagen. Not to distract away from their business as a stock broking company, we have seen some real dogs released such as the Panamera and the new Cayenne. Lets try and breath some racing pedigree back into the name and look at the best moments by one of my favourite sports car makers:

911 Turbo (930 LE)

The movie Bad Boys really showed off the perfectly spec’d 964 turbo in black with the Porsche Cup splits. A close competitor to the 930 in terms of Porsche’s finest moments:

911 Turbo (964)

The porsche 968 one of the favoured starts to Porsche track days due to a near 50/50 weight distribution, front engine rear wheel drive layout and exceptional handling escpecially in Club Sport spec. A brief spell of motorsport in a turbo spec club sport brought a very limited run of the 968 turbo:

968 TurboPicture from Carfolio

Ah the Carrera GT:

Carrera GTPicture from Porsche

Let us hope Porsche start producing more cars like these worthy of the bedroom wall poster caliber!