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Euro Trip, Bruges, Amsterdam, Denmark

Time to stretch the 911’s legs for 2013 with a road trip to Denmark – 2000 miles in a week!

An epic journey including my first experience of the autobahn and being overtaken at 163 mph. The fastest car point to point on the autobahn being the VW Passat diesel / BMW 320d / Audi A4 diesel.


Bruges is such a fantastic place to visit for great food and drink and only an hour from Calais.



Skagen, the north most point of Jutland and the city boy hangout.





The best way to travel across countries must be the Panamera.


Classic part of Amsterdam without the Eurotrash.



Thank god for Porsche warranty resulting in new RMS and IMS.


997 Carrera S Update – 2 Years On

Two years of ownership is a long time for me on any car, especially one that I have purchased from a dealership and kept watch on the depreciation curve.

Porsche 911 997 Carrera S

As many enthusiasts who frequent the online forums are aware, the 996 and generation 1 997 engines have had issues, which is a reason I opted for purchasing an approved used with the 2 year warranty. In the first year alone this covered over £10k worth of parts and labour including a new gear box, new front suspension and some minor interior cosmetics. Along with the service intervals being every 2 years, I have had zero spend to date other than an MOT. So, major service (40k mileage now) booked for July + warranty top up should see at least another years ownership.

Well that’s the man maths and boring stuff covered, we’ve enjoyed a road trip to St Emilion, Sunday breakfast convoys to Goodwood, open top tour of London, many country road hoons and an August road trip planned to Denmark. Only one use of Porsche Assistance required which was when showing a friend the roof mechanism while standing next to the car with the keys in the ignition…

Porsche 997 Cabriolet in London

Porsche 911 Goodwood Breakfast Convoy Air Cooled Following