Audi S4 Avant B8.5

It’s a strange situation to be in when I have always strongly voiced the following opinions:

1) never buy a new car, it’s a waste of money.

2) never buy an Audi when it doesn’t handle as well as a BMW or ride as well as a Mercedes-Benz.



So to cover this off, I have purchased a new Audi S4 Avant Black Edition. The reasons are as follows:

1) CarWow offered some ridiculously discounted prices at 21% off a list price car. This worked out as being the same as an approved used Audi with 20k miles and 3 years old. I have no idea how this deal happened but I highly recommend this route.

2) I am now a family man. One who detests 4×4’s on anyone but farmers and country folk. This narrows the choice down to a fast estate with 4wd and does not sit in the £500+ road tax bracket while returning over 30 mpg. The Mercedes-Benz 450 Wagon (AMG Tuned) would be the perfect choice, however this is not out until next year and the S4 in question cost me the same as a new Golf GTI with a few options ticked.

3) Chris Harris has one and stated ‘this is still the best small, fast estate car around’. With a simple Revo remap it keeps up with a B8 RS4, while having considerably more torque and ‘feeling’ faster in the real world i.e. when will you be at 7k rpm in an RS4 on the road.

Stats – 0-60 in under 5 seconds, 155 mph (limited), 35 mpg (combined)

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