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Gumball 3000

Gumball May 2010

120 super cars, 8 days, 3 continents….

The 2010 rally commenced in London, Pall Mall on 1st May before taking in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Quebec City and Toronto before rounding off in New York seven long days and nights later.
Entry fee of £30,000 or either the European or US leg of the rally for £12,000. Bargain


This years Gumball entry grid includes Xzibit, DJ Muggs, Bun-B, DJ Fingaz and now the hugely successful rapper Eve has also entered representing Team Puma. Rumours are that the Hoff has entered halfway too!

The mammoth task of loading 120 of the world’s rarest, beautiful and most expensive cars onto 2 cargo planes was successfully completed through the hardworking of Unifreight and all Gumball and airport crew.

As the gumballers boarded the plane in Arlanda, they began to reflect on the European leg and the whirlwind journey from London to Stockholm. Most Gumballers caught up on some much needed sleep aboard Gumball airlines, the chartered Boeing 757 while some chose to create their own music video as Xzibit donned some sheikh attire.