Selling Cars Privately

A bit of a ramble about selling cars privately via the usual online options; eBay, Autotrader, Pistonheads and the Facebook Market Place.

We’ll start with the most expensive, Autotrader. The charge was £56 for the premium option, for which they achieved around 1000 views and 4 phone calls. I only took 1 phone call, however and a host of emails. The result – not even 1 viewing.

After becoming mildly fed up with Autotrader, I tried an eBay auction starting at 99p with no reserve. This generated a flood of activity and over 3000 views, many offers to end early etc. The result – finishing bid of £10,600, however this did not materialise and there is no longer a 2nd chance offer function for the next highest bidder.

Facebook Market Place generated a bit of interest and being free, I cannot complain. A few offers but nothing accepted.

And the winner for not only the most phone calls but least spam goes to Pistonheads. Selling cars privately online will always include Pistonheads for me, it is a more specialist site and therefore it seems to attract a better audience. Well done PH!

An old selling cars privately guide of mine.

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